Absentee bidding

If you will not be available to bid or participate in the live auction you may submit an absentee bid form prior to the auction starting, and we will bid on your behalf up until we meet your maximum bid price as indicated on your absentee bid form.

This form is filled out in our rooms. There is no need to absentee bid if you are online as you can just bid online on the auction during the week prior and that will act as an absentee bid anyway. Your bid price will not be increased unless someone else is out bidding you, then your bids will automatically increase up to your maximum and no further.

When you fill out your form in rooms we must have your contact details, lot number and description of the item you wish to leave a bid on, and the maximum price you are willing to bid to.

We will then start the bidding as low as we can and bid on your behalf. If the item gets sold prior to reaching your maximum you will have won the item, and if it goes over your maximum then another bidder will have won the item.

All absentee bidding is binding and you will be contacted for payment following the completion of the auction.