Online bidding

If you wish to participate in the auction online from the comfort of your couch with glass of wine… we recommend two, you can. Through our online partners Invaluable, our auction in hosted and distributed worldwide so bidders can jump on and bid anywhere in the world.

Once our latest auction catalogue goes on our website you will see the link for invaluable. click the link, then register to bid on invaluable and you are ready to go. You will be given a computerized bid paddle and you can click on the bid icon to bid on the items as they come up for sale. To increase your bid just keep clicking the bid icon. you will be notified instantly if you won the item, and then the next item will come up for sale immediately. At the end of the sale if you won some items you will be sent a successful bidder invoice from invaluable. You pay us the balance due and your items will become available to collect.

Please bear in mind there is a 5% surcharge that Invaluable charges for their service which gets added to your final bill, this is in addition to our Auction room commission and GST . There are many behind the scenes charges we as an auction room absorb that have forced us to adjust our Auction commission of late (like the 3% our online credit card processor charges us as one example, plus various Invaluable listing fees as another). After experimenting up to 27% to try and cut a profit we have decided to re-adjust our rates and set them for 1 year as of May 13th 2019, and guarantee not to change them so our regular buyers (especially those in the trade) can be sure of the charges they will attract when bidding and not have to scrutinise every bidding registration form.

Online Bidding Auction commission 25% (inc GST)+ Invaluable will charge you 5% for using their bidding software – Total 30%

In Room Bidding commission 19.8% (inc GST) + you get free Champagne and Chocolate for attending :)… that is a 10.2% saving for bidding in rooms.

We Much prefer you to come in rooms and enjoy the show. Otherwise our online bidding service is so good you can buy online, pay your invoice online, book a carrier and we will liase and help load your carrier for delivery to you. You dont need to leave the house.

Alternatively if you wish to save some fees but cannot attend the auction. You may leave absentee bids with us and we will bid for you on your behalf. This will also have you enjoy the lower auction commission as your bids are not being placed online. Our in rooms absentee bid service is free of charge and saves you 10.2% over online bidding. You may also request phone bidding where we call you when the lots you are interested in are coming up and you may bid over the phone as if you are in the room. The only catch is your phone bids must start at $100 or more as we cannot be calling you for bids lower than that.

When you are viewing our sale catalogue, we have found that the server you use can greatly affect your experience and speed. We recommend Google Chrome, any other server seems to cause problems. And on auction day when our sale is live, you will need to have Flashplayer on your computer to watch us live on the screen, otherwise you will be operating on audio only.